Dear guests,

For your safety and reassurance, we have put in place a health & safety protocol. In brief:

  • Ongoing educating of staff regarding COVID-19. Ways in which it is transmitted, symptoms to look out for and daily measures to prevent contamination and its spread in private and communal areas of our premises.

  • Alcohol based hand-sanitizers have been placed in different parts of the building. We encourage the regular use of them, especially upon entering the building. Surgical masks are available in every room’s amenities as a means of personal protection for our guests.

  • When arriving in big groups, we kindly request that each room enters the reception for check-in separately, in order to avoid overcrowding.

  • Personal hygiene is being reinforced and closely monitored, including the importance of washing hands frequently & practicing respiratory hygiene (sneezing and coughing into a tissue that is safely discarded or the crook of the elbow).

  • Regular cleaning of public areas such as restrooms, breakfast area (terrace), counters, door knobs, back office and front desk surfaces are being regularly wiped throughout the day, with disinfectant cleaning products.

  • According to government protocols,we are not allowed to enter your room frequently. Therefore, we will be cleaning and changing bed-linens and towels every 2-3 days (maximum frequency). However, we will still be entering your room on a daily basis to empty the bin and change your bathroom foot mat. Protective personal equipment, such as protective gloves, robes and face masks are being used by us when we are performing housekeeping duties inthe guest rooms and public restrooms. We are also following government instructions regarding the cleaning and washing of towels and bed linens.

  • During breakfast, guests must be sitting in tables of maximum 6 people.

  • Any guest or member of staff showing symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g. coughing, sneezing and being feverish) MUST be reported to the management for further action to take place.

We will strive to do anything in our power, in order to eliminate the risk of potential contamination or spread of the virus. We thank you for choosing us for your stay during these unprecedented times and we hope to deliver on our excellence of service promise.


The owners,


Ellie & Yiota