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Mikro Kazaviti, Ano Prinos

Welcome to "La Casa Rossa"!

In the amazingly green island of Thassos, the truly gifted with wonderful beaches and magical mountains by nature, there lies the mountain village of Prinos, Mikro Kazaviti (i.e. Small Kazaviti). It was built there well hidden from the pirates who couldn't see it when approaching the island from the sea, like all the mountain villages of Thassos. We face it approximately after 5 km from Prinos village and we feel the calm and the peace filling our hearts. Little old houses hidden into the woods give you the impression of a painting created by a romantic artist. 

There, at 320 meters high, you can find "La Casa Rossa". Embraced by the chestnuts, gently laid at the side of the mountain with the pine trees, drowned by the luxuriant vegetation that is resisting and dominating for years. 

Built with lots of love and willingness, mostly by natural materials and with a lot of respect to the environment and to man, created to host the ones who love nature, peace and quality of life. It' s waiting for all those who want to leave behind the routine and the worries of everyday life and live at any time of the year the magic and the peace of nature into a friendly and family environment.


- Covid-19 Update -

At La Casa Rossa, the safety and well-being of ourselves and our guests are our top priority
Those of us who are part of La Casa Rossa and I personally, want to deliver a message of reassurance at these uncertain times. As the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure security and provide maximum flexibility for your travel plans.
Our thoughts today are with all those people affected by the coronavirus and their families. We are especially proud of the extraordinary work of the public medical services, as well as of civil society in general, an example of sacrifice and effort in which we must all recognize ourselves.
Today, our Guesthouse has implemented demanding security measures to face this extraordinary situation. All these protocols are under permanent review to ensure that they are always the most appropriate.
We have increased the cleaning frequency of community areas and reinforced the techniques used in the hygiene of rooms with professional hospital-grade products, paying special attention to high-touch areas. However, and according to the health protocols given by local officials, we are obliged to reduce the times we clean your room and change your linen. I hope you understand that this is for the good of us all. At the same time, social distancing and personal responsibility is kindly requested by all.
Hospitality, at times like today, is more important than ever. From the strength that our 10 years of history gives us, we are very aware today of what it means to be part of La Casa Rossa family and what is expected of us.
I am confident that this health crisis will be resolved as soon as possible and that we can welcome you again. Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to thank you for your trust.

Warm regards,